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Social Media and Employment


Mark Jackson

Following on from our last post about social media in the workplace, it is worth noting that Symantec, a global provider of IT security software, has recently published the results of its 2011 Social Media Protection Flash Poll, which was used to determine how businesses protect themselves from the negative consequences of using social media.

It found that 46% of companies have encountered employees sharing too much information in public forums and that 90% of respondents who had experienced a “social media incident” suffered negative consequences including damaged reputation, loss of customer trust and litigation costs.  So, as the popularity of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook continues to rise (see our retweet @thompsons_law from @utv today –, how can employers ensure that they minimise the risks presented by employees’ use of social media?

The answer?  Implement a social media policy that fits with your business.

However you’ll need to make sure that you interpret it properly and act reasonably if it’s breached – more on that to follow soon…

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