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Do you suffer from hearing loss?


Mark Jackson

logoIf you’ve been exposed to excessive levels of noise in the course of your employment, and have difficulty with your hearing, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Many jobs and workplaces require employees to work in environments where noise levels and patterns are potentially hazardous to hearing. As stated above employers have a responsibility to provide their employees with adequate protection against this noise. If this protection is missing or flawed, the result can be serious and long-lasting damage to hearing and can result in noise induced hearing loss, also referred to as industrial deafness, for which you may claim compensation.

We have been dealing with noise induced hearing loss  and tinnitus claims for some time and have considerable expertise in this area. We have pursued claims against the Police, Prison Service and Ministry of Defence on behalf of former and current personnel.  We have also successfully pursued claims against employers engaged in manufacturing or other trades that employ noisy processes or use noisy machinery.

If you think you may have a claim for noise induced hearing loss and/or tinnitus please contact us to discuss how to proceed.

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