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Is your website compliant with the new “cookie” law?


Mark Jackson

Since 2009 there has been a Directive throughout the EU which, if your website uses “cookies”, requires you to inform those individuals using the website about the cookie.

So what is a cookie?  

In general terms, a cookie is a piece of software code downloaded from a website to a user’s computer when they visit that website.  It collects information about the individual using the website.  Most websites “set” cookies which perform useful services, including remembering our name and other details, so that when we revisit a website the experience is smoother and much more convenient.

Cookies can therefore be useful and, on the whole, we tend to accept them without much consideration when we are buying things online.  Some cookies help us deal with our settings for a website, for example if security is necessary to make an online credit card transaction.  There are others which we may not be aware of that gather information about our website activities and our browsing preferences. These cookies are often known as tracking or profiling cookies. Read more